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About - Elevated Events

About us

 Elevated Events India is a full-service event management company that beliefs in creating exceptional & flawless event experiences.

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Working Hours
Emergency Calls 24/7

+91 8142304050

Why Choose Us

Quality Comes First! We Make Sure That Every Minute Detail Is Looked Into While Creating an  Event or The Smallest Event. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs And Satisfaction.

What We Do

At Elevated Events Karimnagar, we continuously strive to be innovative & creative. We believe in designing or creating events tailormade for you. We take care of each detail, right from the Venue layout and Color scheme to the Food and Beverages catering, every element is crafted carefully and executed accordingly. We are obsessed with creating exceptional events, but above all, we aim to exceed expectations in every way possible

Friendly Team

What makes us truly different is our philosophy of “Unleashing Energy” At Elevated Events Karimnagar, we are blessed with a vibrant team of skilled Event professionals with loads of experience and Talents. Finally, it is our incessant endeavor to deliver Quality beyond the expectations of our clients.

Unforgettable Time

We believe in creating moments that shall become memories to be cherished forever. Elevated Events Karimnagar offers unique ideas and themes that make any event truly original and engaging. We always make sure every event that we create is elegant and unique which meets your event objectives at the same time an unforgettable time which shall be cherished for life long.

Unique Scenarios

Elevated Events Karimnagar specializes in creating an impeccable platform, which made us achieve the optimal impact and left an everlasting impression on our latest decorations, handling events, especially high-quality food and everlasting taste.

Perfect Venues

Every event needs the right venue to showcase the spectacle. let it be your wedding, product launch, or anniversary bash, we offer the most luxurious and bespoke venues that can serve as the perfect backdrop for the celebrations, within your budget.

Budget Friendly

One of the best tips for planning an event on a budget is to know your guests inside and out. Team Elevated is expertise in doing its events in a budget-oriented way.


+91 8142304050


Shahbaz Khan

Founder, Elevated Events

Shahbaz khan launched Elevated Events a US based event Management Company at Karimnagar in 2020 . Since his services were conceived out of a desire to inspire people to live out their fantasy by creating dream weddings Pan India.

Instrumental in setting up the company, Shahbaz oversees growth on a macro level. His experienced and seasoned hand allows us to experiment with innovations.

Years of Experience
Awards & Honors



Like any other service provider, the most frequently asked question is always related to Money. And we at Elevated Events, have tried Jotting it down for our beloved clientele family.

Whats the Price You ask?


No matter how big or small your budget is, we are interested in being a part of your planning process.

Event budgets are usually based on your requirements and are very flexible. If you like a specific theme that exceeds your personal budget then we can help you compress the decor to meet your budget. We use creativity to make sure we don’t compromise quality and give all our clients the best service that we can.

Please do not compare our price quotes or decor with other planners as every planner has a different style and hold their uniqueness. There you go! Our work prices out, loud and clear! Still, wondering how to take it further? By paying a small token amount, you can make sure of your stress-free event with us!